The Ultimate Guide to Holidays in France

Welcome to French Holiday Inspirations 2019!

Discover an overwhelming evidence of wacky museums, downright kooky festivals and off-the-wall attractions filling this bumper issue of French Holiday Inspirations. It's fair to say we French go a tad OTT where culture and heritage (not to mention gastronomy) are concerned. The pièce de résistance at last year's Fête du Citron was a jumbo replica of the Taj Mahal whipped up entirely from lemons, for crying out loud.

While in neighbouring Nice, carnival antics reached crackers new heights with barmy floats featuring a papier mâché Trump blasting Kim Jong-un out of a cannon and a fanged Theresa May humping Big Ben...

From prized local crops to a thrice-removed patron saint or mass beheadings, any excuse will do to paint the town red; or as, the case may be, whack each other off dinghies with huge lances (I'm looking at you, Sète). My Mamie Annick is a self-appointed ambassador for her beloved country and calls Sète the Hexagon hotbed of theatrics, slapstick and utterly gratuitous larks.

So this issue we're plunging headfirst into the bedlam to bring you the ultimate bucket list of France's greatest hits - animal, mineral and vegetable (can we interest you in a truffle festival or garlic bonanza?) - thrills and spills.

We've also mapped out fun-packed itineraries, city breaks, epic gourmet road trips for off-the-charts merrymaking and enough challenging adventures to keep outdoorsy types high on adrenaline. Ready to join the circus? C'est parti!

Marion Sauvebois Editor, French Holiday Inspirations 2019